Sunday, December 16, 2007

Santa Baby!

It would seem that without even putting it on my Christmas list - Greatfather Winter knew just what to bring me this year for Feast of Winter Veil. I awoke on Saturday morning to log onto my Shadow Priest - who is also a high level tailor - to find nothing other than [Recipe - Green Winter Clothes].

Normally this wouldn't get me too excited - until I checked on the materials at the Auction House and what should my wandering eyes do I see? Stacks and stacks of wool cloth for over 10g. (Did that almost rhyme?)

Now I'm about as entrepreneurial as the next WoW player and quickly did my research. It would seem the Horde received [Green Winter Clothes] and the Alliance received [Red Winter Clothes]. The stage was set for cross-faction marketing like never before. I spent a few hours farming wool cloth in the morning and was able to craft numerous outfits which sold quickly on my own factions Auction House.

However, the real money was to be made playing the neutral Auction Houses. Here I was able to pick up a few Alliance crafted Christmas garb and peddle it back Horde-side ala Griftah 'style'. Unfortunately by now the buzz is slowly waining as people realized these outfits aren't worth the gold - but for a few short hours I was able to turn an extremely nice profit. It would seem even in Azeroth the Christmas buying season can be just as hectic.

How about you - how did you fair so far this holiday season?

Friday, December 14, 2007

What's Your Silly?

We’ve heard them all before – those wonderful emotes Blizzard has blessed us with for each race and gender combination. Some of them are over played – while some are never heard due to lack of player interest (i.e. Who plays a Female Tauren – really?)

With the coming of the Wrath of the Lich King – we’ll see new hairstyles, dances and other character changes, but wouldn’t it be nice if we learned a few new jokes? Which got me thinking – if you could write your own joke for the game – what would be your silly?

Below are a few - just to get you started:
  • Is that a mana worm in your pocket - or are you just happy to see me?
  • You must have gotten those pants from the Black Temple because your ass is Epic!
  • [Male Tauren]: Want to see where I'm branded?
Editor Note: I apologize for the make-shift Female Tauren picture. I couldn't find one in the wild.

Target : PVP

I've recently leveled a Troll Shadow Priest to 60 on a PvP server - which has been an interesting experiment to say the least. After all the cussing, drinking to calm my nerves and one broken desk later - I dare say I enjoy it. There is simply an element of danger that you just don't get from playing on a PvE server and once you get out of your 'terrible twenties' and into less farmed zones, the game is much more pleasant than I had first envisioned.

However, not everything has been roses. In my mid-50's I ran into another Shadow Priest who will go unnamed to protect the innocent. [Editor Note: This priest is NOT innocent - just in good faith I won't name you and send all the Horde after you on my server]

It started innocently enough - questing out by Everlook I get broadsided in the middle of battle. No big deal - as I've come to expect this sort of behavior by the Alliance at this point. Maybe it was because you spit on me, or possibly it was because you got me again when I was farming for Timbermaw Hold rep. It's very well possible when I ran into town and you stripped naked and danced around me that you cemented our fate. Better yet - it could have been that the first beating I received in Outland was at your hands. Simply put - it's been a pleasure leveling beside you. [Insert Sarcasm]

Either way - it would seem the gods themselves have put us together. You are my polar opposite. The ying to my yang - my arch nemesis and rest assured - we will meet again. Only the next time - I'll be the one dancing naked!

How about you WoW faithful - do you have a player on your server that you've secretly determined is KOS?


Fortunately for me I wasn’t in my thirties during the height of Thirtysomething – but I feel it rings true now for a couple of reasons. Come to think of it, I'm still fortunate because I've yet to turn thirty-anything (only two more years - since I know you were secretly wondering my age).

However, there is one place I will forever be in my thirties it seems - World of Warcraft. You could call it Adult ADD, or possibly it is my complete and utter lack of commitment to anything for longer than a few months (I apologize now to all of my Ex's). But the fact still remains - just as I near a major milestone in game, like getting my mount, I seem to gravitate towards another character.

[Editor Note: I should insert here I do have two characters above 60 - so I'm not a complete wash]

I've come to realize in my two years of 'crafting that everyone is simply drawn to different aspects of the game. Some find the social aspect intreguing, while others find the quest for epic loot to drive their game time. For me, I think I simply enjoy leveling. Who knows - maybe one day I'll eventually have an army of forties. After all, they say forty is the new twenty!